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Pokemon Cursed Pre-Patched Download

Pokemon Cursed is as entertaining as it seems to be spooky. It is a ROM hack version of Pokemon Fire Red. Reidd develops this Pokemon Fire Red ROM hack version. This ROM hack version is in the English language so that it will be understandable by everyone.

New areas were added in game to ensure curiosity as well as a bit of nervousness. It is more difficult than any other ROM hack version, as you have four moves during battles with different gym leaders. Still, in this Game, you only have one move. This one move you can use during battles is the curse move, which is the most dangerous in Pokemon Cursed Version. With the most difficult move, we meant to say that with the help of the curse move.

Game Information

Pokemon Cursed has become famous for its unique storyline, post-game content, and addition of new and unique Pokemon. The main goal of the ROM is that the Player (you) has to take control over the ghost Pokemon. It is more challenging than it seems to be. 

There are so many different types of ROM hack versions available on the web, but this one will make you spend your Halloween night playing this game. While everyone is roaming around the streets screaming and laughing at the same time, you will be the one who is going to take on different gym leaders and control various ghost Pokemon. Isn’t it the best way to spend Halloween night?

You can actually kill the Pokemon and the trainer after beating them in the battle. You will see tombstones of both the Pokemon and the trainer after beating them.     

Pokemon Cursed is not an ordinary ROM hack version. One needs to have enough courage before playing this game. As previously stated that this game contains ghost Pokemon, so be careful they can be seen anywhere and anytime. So, don’t let your fear ruin your experience. It is completely different from Pokemon GS Chronicles.


Pokemon Cursed has a short story as compared to any other traditional Pokemon game. It is favorable for many Pokemon fans who want to spend only a portion of the day or a week completing this game. The story of the game as being short does not depict that it is boring. In fact, it is more interesting than several Pokemon ROM hacks. 

Being short in length, the story is unique, and the terms and concepts used in this game are beyond imagination.

 Pokemon Cursed Features

Pokemon Cursed is probably the best ROM hack version on the web as it has some new concepts which were never seen before in any other Pokemon ROM hack versions. Due to its unique ideas, it has gained a huge fan base over a short period of time. The features of Pokemon Cursed are listed below:-

  1. Over 300 Pokemons

There are a total of 300 Pokemon can be seen. This game is short in size yet consists of a massive amount of Pokemon. These Pokemon may vary from different types, but one thing which has to be taken into consideration is ghost Pokemon.

If you are a true Pokemon fan, then you know how powerful and mysterious ghost Pokemon are. It is challenging and, at the same time, adventurous to handle ghost Pokemon.

  1. New Gameplay

With the addition of a new and unique story, the gameplay has also improved with the updates. The Player playing Pokemon Cursed won’t feel dizzy and bored while playing due to its smooth and adventurous gameplay. 

  1. New Moves

With the addition of over 300 Pokemon in the game, new moves are also introduced with them. As stated earlier, the game has a curse move that will kill Pokemon and Pokemon trainers after defeating them, but here is a twist, you can not use four moves in a single battle instead of them, you can use only one move, which is a curse move.    

  1. New Region

One of the most incredible additions to the Pokemon Cursed is the addition of new regions for expeditions. Due to this addition, players can not depict what will happen next. This will ensure the curiosity in players while playing. 

  1. Dark mode

The overall graphics and display of this game are scary. As the game is related to ghost Pokemons, all these dark color modes and scary themes make sense. 

  1. More than one ending

In Pokemon Cursed, there is more than one ending available. This is one of the top-notch features of the game and is never seen before in any Pokemon ROM hacks. 

The two endings in Pokemon Cursed are totally different from each other. One end is good, while the other one is bad. You can unlock different finishes by beating the game as different moves and decisions result in different endings. 

  1. Sprites

In this rom hack, generation 4 sprites are used so that you can expect good graphics in the game.

 Pokemon Cursed Download

ROM NamePokémon Cursed
Based OnFire Red

This is a pre-patched rom



A lot of Pokemon fans must have this question in their mind, but as always, we have got your back in this doubt too. As we have discussed earlier, Pokemon Cursed is a ROM hack version of Pokemon Fire Red which has a unique and up-to-the-mark storyline. 

After the new update, the user experience has improved a lot. It includes Gen 4 sprites, New animations, and improvements in the gameplay. Due to all of the features mentioned above and in the earlier heading, Pokemon Cursed has gained a huge fan following, which plays an essential role in making this game successful.

At last, if you also are a fan of the Pokemon franchise, then Pokemon Cursed will not disappoint you. It is worth playing as it provides a unique and exciting gameplay experience that you probably won’t get in any other Pokemon games available on the web.

Source: PokeCommunity and The Internet

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