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Pokemon Flux takes you on an exciting quest! Featuring a compelling storyline, vivid graphics, and alluring gameplay, it offers adventure and strategy. It’s an unforgettable experience to battle gym leaders, explore landscapes, or hunt rare Pokemon. Start your journey today with Pokemon Flux download!

Pokemon Flux Story

Altera is a captivating and diverse region teeming with both abundance and peril. Flux energy is a potent resource with multiple applications in the Pokémon world, and it is found nowhere else. Although Flux is primarily used for electricity generation, it also has applications in handheld technologies and even Pokémon battles. As a result of this resource’s unmatched value and sheer power, the region experienced rapid economic expansion.

Meanwhile, unsettling reports surfaced concerning the emergence of powerful Pokémon called Alter Pokémon as humanity tapped into Flux energy. Altera Pokémon League was formed to protect peace and prosperity in Altera. In order to combat Alter Pokémon, it cultivates formidable trainers renowned for their wealth and renown. Its structure sets it apart from conventional gym challenges and draws trainers from around the world.

Following a championship clash in Condor City, fate intercedes as three friends encounter the imminent threat of Alter Pokémon. Together, they embark on an extraordinary odyssey that forever alters their lives across the awe-inspiring Altera Region!

Pokemon Flux Character


  • Flux Moves and Alter Battles introduce a whole new battle mechanic!
  • Explore a diverse collection of Pokémon from Tandor, Kanto, Johto, and more!
  • Discover Pokémon in the overworld that have unique behaviors, emotions, and the potential to drop valuable items.
  • Get a closer look at the wild area by exploring non-linear route layouts.
  • Experience Pokémon Flux’s unique league structure and progression without traditional gyms.
  • Light sources, caves, forests, and weather are enhanced by dynamic lighting effects.
  • Trade, GTS, wonder trading, battle, and more online features are available.
  • Take advantage of a host of new Pokémon Flux-specific features.
  • You will not need to manipulate the clock or wait for a quest to begin or to end.

Pokemon Flux Donwload

ROM NamePokemon Flux



Pokemon Flux offers a truly immersive and unique experience for Pokemon fans. An unforgettable adventure awaits you in Altera with its innovative gameplay, stunning visuals, and captivating storyline. Enjoy thrilling battles with Alter Pokémon, explore non-linear routes, and progress through the game in a way you’ve never experienced before. Your journey across Altera will be unforgettable thanks to a variety of new features tailored to Pokemon Flux. Make sure you don’t miss out on this exceptional gaming experience. Download Pokemon Flux today and begin your adventure!

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