Pokemon Girls Hunter

Pokemon Girls Hunter has some new concepts which you have never experienced before. Yes, you have heard it right, in Pokemon Girls Hunter you can actually capture real-world human girls. 

Doesn’t it sound pretty awesome? 

It is another game boy advance(GBA) ROM hack version of Pokemon Fire Red and it is in the English language. This Rom Hack version of Pokemon Fire Red is presented to you by Fz15.

Game Information

Pokemon Girls Hunter is a new augmented reality game for mobile devices that lets the players to capture virtual versions of characters and train them too. Another great thing about this game is that it is a multiplayer game so you can fight real-time enemies to become the ultimate trainer and catch as many Pokemon as possible.

However, the game is not only related to girls but it does have the option to choose your character. It can be either a boy or a girl which ensures diversity in the game. If you are a girl or boy and want to spend your weekends with your favorite actors or sports players then you should try Pokemon Girls Hunter and fulfill all of your dreams. 

The outfits in the game are better than before as well as the storyline of the game will definitely blow your mind. That’s all in the introduction of Pokemon Girls Hunter. Now, we will discuss about the storyline and features of the game. Try Pokemon GS Chronicle.

Pokemon Girls Hunter Storyline

The story is plotted in the region of Puela. As always Team Rocket tries to create problems for everybody in the Puela region and to do so they invent a new type of balls called The Human Balls. From the name itself, you can assume what these balls will do. If you did not understand what they can do using these human balls then let us explain this to you, these special Pokeballs can be used to capture human girls. Yes, it is true, this time Team Rocket has gone too far for accomplishing their mission. 

This new move makes Team Rocket much more powerful than before and we have to stop them from doing so.

Here comes a new character whose name is Cassie in Pokemon Girls Hunter. Cassie is a police officer from the Puela region who took the responsibility to stop Team Rocket and for this purpose, she needs someone for her help. Cassie decided to ask her old friend Seda for her help. 

Seda is an experienced Pokemon trainer and she has traveled all over the Puela region. Now, the main question arises, will Seda help Cassie and if yes, then will she succeed in her mission?


With a new storyline and intense gameplay, Pokemon Girls Hunter has some new and mind-blowing features also which we are going to discuss about:-

  • New pokemon

You will see some new Pokemons which you have not seen in earlier versions of the Rom Hacks of the game. With the addition of new Pokemon, your gaming experience will enhance for sure. 

  • Mega Evolution

The mega evolution has a new form. Unlike the mega evolution of previous versions of Pokemon Girls Hunter, you will witness a totally new form of mega evolution which we will not be going to discuss here as it will kill your curiosity about playing the game.

  • 10 Pokemons At the Start OF The Game:-

Yes, you have heard it right in Pokemon Girls Hunter you will have 10 Pokemon to play with. This is a whole new concept that was not seen before in any of the Rom Hack versions of Pokemon Fire Red. 

More Pokemon means more joy during your adventure. So, get your backpack ready to defeat the team Rocket and save everyone.

  • Dual Character:-

As discussed earlier this game has an option that will let you choose the gender of the character (i,e Male or Female). The main objective behind adding this feature is that it will maintain diversity in the game. 

  • Special Event Tickets

Another new feature that has been added to the game is that there is a special event ticket that is used to unlock Mystery Gift. You will have to find out what is in the mystery gift on your own, we are not going to give you any spoilers. 

  • MG Receptionist at the top of all Pokémon Centers

That is all in Pokemon Girls Hunter features.

 Pokemon Girls Hunter Download

ROM NamePokémon Girls Hunter
Based OnFire



From the above discussion, we suggest you to play this game. Pokemon Girls Hunter has some mind-blowing features along with a new and interesting storyline. This time Team Rocket has got some more powerful than before which will make them a clever. It is difficult opponent to fight with. 

You will now have 10 pokemon instead of 3 pokemon so the fights during your expedition have become more intense. The gameplay has some new changes which will enhance your gaming experience and provide you an appealing yet interesting gameplay.

At the end, we will recommend you to play Pokemon Girls Hunter. If you love challenges and want to roleplay your favorite famous movie stars, sportsmen and sportswomen, etc.

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