Pokemon Infinity Download v2.3.6

Pokemon Infinity stands out as an exceptional one to play. Using RPG Maker XP, the game is currently playable in its latest version. This game is available to download for free.

Pokemon Infinity can be challenging, especially due to the variety of types, which is actually a good thing. The EXP Share is also very helpful in recruiting new team members, and it reduces the need for excessive grinding.

Pokemon Infinity Details

The game feels well-balanced. Even normal trainers are quite strong. The art and mapping style is one of my favorites among all the games and maps I’ve come across in the fan-game community. Every game you have created is exceptionally beautiful, and Pokemon Infinity is no exception. It has easily become my favorite among all your games!

Exploring the maps has been a lot of fun as they are lively and unique. Although I haven’t tried rock climbing or surfing yet to fully explore their potential, even the accessible sections were well-designed and refreshingly unique. Also, Checkout Pokemon Infinite Fusion.


As you awaken amid a dense forest, you realize you do not remember who you are. Fortunately, a resident professor and his assistant extend their help, and you embark on an expedition around an enigmatic island, hoping to recollect your past. Get ready for an exciting journey filled with enjoyable moments and daunting obstacles.


  • 1st through 6th Gen Pokémon and mechanics
  • Over 100 Fakemon are available, which include regional variants, fresh evolutions, and unique designs.
  • Online Battle and Trading.
  • The weather system is dynamic and changes according to the day and time.
  • The Unreal Time System operates independently, causing the world to run on its own time.
  • There is a lot of post-game content available to keep you occupied.
  • The maximum level has been increased to 150.
  • Pokémon that undergo trade evolution can be obtained through alternative means.
  • Over 650+ battle animations
  • Randomizer mode(it is necessary to do so at the rival’s PC before leaving the first town).
  • Increase your speed by using the Ctrl key.
  • One way to quickly save is by using the F8 key.

Pokemon Infinity Download

Game NamePokemon Infinity
Based OnRPG Maker
DeveloperAtomic Reactor


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