Pokemon Pathways Download 7.5.2 Alpha [Latest]

Today’s article will discuss one of the most popular Pokemon fan-made games, “Pokemon Pathways.” Pokemon Pathways has unique characteristics and features of the game including character customization, difficulty modes, improved graphics, enhanced Pokédex, legendary Pokémon, etc.

Pokemon Pathways Information

It’s up to you to decide what happens next in the role-playing Pokémon Pathways game. Interacting with different trainers and Pokémon is a major part of the game.

The gameplay of Pokémon Pathways is standard for the series. Grey Hatred is the creator of this game. Good planning went into the plot of Pokémon Pathways, which features battles against several different trainers and gym leaders. The visuals of the game are captivating and fun to explore.


The narrative of Pokémon Pathways was influenced by games like Undertale and Persona, in which the player’s actions have far-reaching consequences.

The game deviates from the standard Pokémon formula in which the player takes on the role of a trainer or gym leader. In Pokémon Pathways, you play as a student who has a routine and begins each day with a certain degree of enthusiasm because of it. You’ll need to put that power to use to raise your character’s stats and advance through the game.


  • Choice of the Player: The decisions you make as a player in the game will determine how your life turns out. Yes, Pokémon Pathways does put you on a road where the choices you make will affect your future.
  • Customizing Your Character—The Pokémon Pathways game lets you change a lot of things about your character. You can change things like genders, hairstyles, face colors, facial traits, and more.
  • Character Stats: Each character has their own abilities. Because of this, the choices you make in the Pokémon Pathways game shape who you are as a person. Character stats are based on things like intelligence, charm, power, and skill.
  • The amount of work you can get done in a day is also based on your character’s energy. Each thing you do in the game needs a certain amount of energy to complete. This part of the app takes track of that.
  • Contact: The amount of time you spend playing the game and meeting and talking to different characters depends on how much contact you have.
  • Reputation—This is another word for how people see you in the game. What a good or bad image you have built is the result of the decisions you have made.
  • Advantages in school: If you win the club’s events, you’ll get more advantages in the game.
  • Affinity with NPCs: NPCs are the people you teach. These people can help you grow as a person by giving you things that are good for you.
  • Education system: You are in a school and apartment setting where you need to do your homework on time and go to class regularly.
  • In order to save points, you must first make sure that your character is sleepy.
  • Many save files—You can only have eight different save files at a time. This function puts you in a world where your character lives. You can now go to different places and make choices that affect your character in different ways at the same time.

Pokemon Pathways Download

Game NamePokemon Pathways
TypeRPG Maker XP
Version7.5.2 Alpha


Is Pokemon Pathways Worth Playing?

And with that, we are getting close to the blog’s conclusion. The Pokémon Pathways video game was briefly described in this blog. We dug further to see what makes this game stand out from the crowd of online offerings.

You can also watch this video about the Pokémon Pathways game, created by the game’s creator, Grey Hatred, to find out more about it.

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