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Pokemon Sweet Pre-Patched Version.

Do you love eating sweets or candies? If yes, then Pokemon Sweet is the perfect game for you. While craving sweets, you can spend your time here in this game. It is heaven for sweet lovers, but if you don’t love sweets, you can still play this game while enjoying it.


Pokemon Sweet is another fan-made ROM hack version of Pokemon Fire Red, but do you know what makes it different from any other ordinary ROM hack version of Pokemon Fire Red. It’s the uniqueness of battles. With uniqueness in battles, we mean that in any other Pokemon game, you will win a fight using the attack power of your Pokemon. Still, in Pokemon Sweet, you have to win battles using the power of deserts. Doesn’tDoesn’t it sound delicious and adventurous at the same time?

Not only with the attacks, but this sweetness is also added to the Pokemon and the region of Kanto. While in regular Pokemon games, the region of Kanto is pretty normal, but in Pokemon Sweet, the region of Kanto is completely candified. 

There is also an addition of special types of Pokemon in the game. As their name suggests, Pokesweets are the combination of Pokemons and sweets, and they are divided into different categories, which are stated below:-

  • Pies
  • Cakes 
  • Candies
  • Donuts
  • Cupcakes
  • Swirlies
  • Fudgies
  • Specials and some Rare Sweets and candies.

The names of the places are also named after various candies and sweets so that the adventure will be sweet and delicious for every Pokemon fan. Pokemon Sweet has some unique concepts which you have not seen anywhere, like there is Autocannibalism. 

If you are hearing this term for the first time, then you don’t know what it is “Autocannibalism” is a hunger-related illness that affects Pokemons. If any Pokemon gets affected by Autocannibalism, then they start to lose their HP by nomming themselves. This game is much popular like Pokemon GS Chronicles.

That is all in the introduction of the Pokemon Sweet. Moving further, we will now be discussing the features of the game. So, let’s get started:-

Pokemon Sweet Features

Until now, we have discussed the introduction of Pokemon Sweet, we will be discussing the features of this game. There are several new features added to the game which will ultimately enhance your experience.

  1. Type Chart

Pokemon Sweet consists of a type chart in which there are 12 different types available. But one thing that has to be kept in mind is that there are no physical or special splits available in the game. Still, you can enjoy finding and capturing the 12 different types of PPokemon during your expedition. This brand new type chart has some new types like vanilla, cherry, etc.

  1. Pokesweets

Pokemon Sweet has a vast number of poke sweets. There are a total of 151 poke-sweets are there in the game. You can capture all of them, and there is no need for trading to fulfill this purpose. 

As we have stated, 151 different types of Pokemons exist in the game but guess what? You can actually craft poke sweets from the berries, also. 

  1. Pokesweets From Different Generations

As we have stated earlier that there are, 151 poke-sweets are present in Pokemon Sweet. From these 151 poke-sweets, three poke-sweets are from generation 6, while all the poke-sweets except these 3 of generation 6 are from generation 1 to generation 5. So you can find different types of poke sweets from 6 generations.

  1. Desserts Everywhere

As we have stated earlier, there are sweets everywhere in the game. The Pokemons are not Pokemons anymore they are Pokesweets now, Kanto region is also desertified, and the moves are also desertified. 

  1. Double Battles

You will find that most of the battles in Pokemon Sweet are double battles which means you have to fight or battle two trainers at the same time. Isn’tIsn’t it challenging yet delicious?

  1. More Enjoyable

With the addition of new concepts in Pokemon Sweet Version, it is now stated that Pokemon Sweet is 50% more enjoyable than the original version(i,e. Pokemon Fire Red) by Pokemon fans. 

  1. Color Coded Characters

The characters in Pokemon Sweet are color-coded i,e. The gym trainers in the game have Pokemon based on their color irrespective of their types, like the first gym leader of Pokemon Sweet has Poke-sweets having fruits of red color.

  1. Gym Leaders 

There are three rivals available in the game with which you have to fight. As stated earlier, the first gym leader uses Pokesweets related to red color i,e: cherry, apple, strawberry. While the second gym leader, Fizzy, trains orange-type poke sweets, and there is no gym leader but “gym leaders.” With Gym leaders, we meant to say that there are two gym leaders, Ben and Lem. 

Ben and Lem train banana and lemon-type poke sweets. The fourth gym leader is Keyla. Keyla trains lime poke sweets, so in order to defeat her, you should use banana or lime-type poke sweets. The fifth gym leader is Lavender. Lavender trains grape-type Pokemons. One thing to be noted about Lavender is that she is always drunk, so to defeat her, you must take away the wine bottle. The sixth gym leader is Berry. Berry is specialized in blueberry-type poke sweets, so you should try lime or strawberry-type poke sweets to defeat him.

  1. Rivals

There are three rivals available in this game for you. The first rival is Mark. Mark has a stronger Pokesweet than yours. The second rival is Katia. Katia has a Pokesweet, which is weaker than yours, so it will be easy for you to defeat her. Your third rival could be more annoying. Your Third rival will challenge you occasionally, so watch out!

  1. Rematch

There is a new feature being added in Pokemon Sweet. If you lose to any gym leader, you can fight as many rematches as possible.

Pokemon Sweet Download

ROM NamePokémon Sweet
Based OnFire Red

This is a pre-patched rom



Pokemon Sweet is worth playing from the above mentioned details and description of the game. The concepts of the game are never seen before in any other Pokemon games. The new ideas they introduced in this game are exciting yet challenging, which will engage the player till the end of the game. 

Adding Pokesweets, rivals, and various gym trainers is the cherry on top. You can battle dessert-rich fights with other trainers to be the best. At last, we suggest you try Pokemon Sweet, and you will never stop playing it after that.

Source: PokeCommunity and The Internet

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