Pokemon This Gym OF Mine Download (v4.2.3)

Today’s article will discuss one of the most popular Pokemon fan-made games, “Pokemon This Gym OF Mine.” Pokemon this gym of mine download, is a new Game Boy advanced rom that ensures an unreal player experience.

Pokemon This Gym OF Mine Information

As its name suggests, you are a trainer in this game and must create your own gym. Yes, you have read it correctly in our Gym of Mine walkthrough. You can create your gym and fight with other players to prove you are the best Pokemon leader. Users can decorate or manage their gym according to their needs or choices. You can select which Pokemon type and gym trainer you want to be. The player can be a dark, water gym, psychic gym, ice gym, steel gym, fire gym, bug gym, or grass gym trainer.

So, you have many options, and it is totally up to you which type of trainer you want to be. So, everyone’s childhood dream is becoming real. You can also be able to add a Pokemon statue at your gym and various furniture. This game gives an unmatchable pokemon gaming experience that was never experienced before.

The gameplay is limited to training and battle in gym fights and has to manage your city. Once you start this game, you will find your character in a town known as “Umbal City,” and you will be the new gym leader of this gym. At the start of the game, the whole Umbal city is completely ruined because of the previous gym leader, and now the newest gym leader, it is your responsibility to manage the city. Also, try Pokemon Theta Emerald EX.

That is all in the introduction of the game. Now, we will be moving forward to discuss the game’s features.

Umbal City

This game is not only about challenges related to fighting with different trainers to prove your worth, but you also have to manage the city’s newest gym leader and make decisions for the well-being of its people. Initially, you witness the people of the city standing in front of vacant lots. Your task is to overcome the challenges, procure building plans, and fill these open plots, as per this Gym’s Mayor. Improving your reputation as a Gym Leader and the town’s status would be best.

You own Pokemon GYM

You can fight with other trainers in Pokémon This Gym OF Mine, but you must have at least three Pokemon. The more fights you win, the more your own reputation points will increase and the more rewards you will get. So, gym fights in this game are not only related to winning matches but also related to the development of the city.

Pokemon This GYM Of Mine Features

New Moves And Abilities

One of the most fantastic features of Pokemon This Gym OF Mine is that it has new moves and abilities of Pokemon, which makes it play differently and better than any other pokemon game.

The abilities of the Pokemon are from generations 4th and 5th. Generation 4th and Generation 5th Abilities are special abilities that you will find only in certain types of different Pokemon and games, like the famous game Pokemon X and Y, which have abilities from Generation 4th and Generation 5th.

The Elite Four

You must have heard about them; if not, do not worry; we got your back too. The elite four are the top four leaders of the Pokemon world, and your ultimate goal is to defeat them and claim supremacy over every trainer.

The battle with the elite four is difficult because each trainer has extraordinary power, so choosing or using the same strategy will not work for winning battles. It would help in winning matches if you made a proper strategy while managing your Pokemon according to your challenges while fighting with the elite four.

Pokemon Champion League

This game has an exciting way of battling other trainers to become the best, and the Pokemon Champion League is an exciting way.

Several different types of leagues are available in the game, and you can join these leagues as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Since it’s a league, the competition here will be way more complicated than in everyday battles, so train your Pokemon to achieve their full potential and win battles so that you can become the best.

Become the Ultimate GYM Leader

Are you bored of defeating the same gym leaders again and again? Well, Pokémon This Gym OF Mine has a fun solution for it. It has new trainers with unique abilities and powers, so fighting with them will be challenging this time.

Features List

  1. Background Music: You will witness completely new background music while playing the game.
  2. Gym Badges: The gym badges in this game get updated every week, which means new badges are added every week, so player attachment to the status game is ensured.
  3. Generation 7 Battle mechanics: The game features Generation 7th battle mechanics, enhancing the gameplay and assisting players in challenging opponents like the elite four in the Pokemon franchise.
  4. Wild Battles: These Double Wild Battles are perfect for all Pokemon fans. In double wild battles, two teams of trainers will face each other in an intense fight to prove who is the best trainer in town. So, are you ready for this epic journey in the world of Pokemon?
  5. Infinite TM: In this game, you will get infinite TMs. These TMs are the special commands that can be used to increase the power of your team, and it is even used to take on challengers in the local gym.

Pokemon This Gym OF Mine Download

Game NamePokémon This Gym of Mine
Versionv 4.2.2

This is a fan-made game that will only run on PC. You did not need any emulator to play this game. Just download the zip file, extract it, and play the game.


Is Pokemon This Gym OF Mine Worth Playing?

It is worth playing from the abovementioned details and description of the game. The game’s dynamics are never seen before in any other Pokemon games. The new concepts they introduced in this game are exciting yet challenging. It is an immersive experience that will engage the player till the end of the game.

The addition of the Pokemon Champion League is the cherry on top. You can battle in real-time fights with a team of other trainers to be the best. At last, we suggest you try Pokemon This Gym OF Mine, and you will never stop playing it after that.

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