Pokemon Theta Emerald EX Download

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is a rom hack-based version of the original game Pokemon Emerald. LCCoolJ95 developed this ROM hack version. This version was fully released on the market in 2016. Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Theta Emerald EX GBA Rom.

Being a rom hack version Pokemon Theta Emerald EX has multiple features which challenge the player more than actual Pokemon games(Pokemon Emerald Theta). This version of the game has plenty of features that make the game much nicer to play.

Pokemon Theta Emerald Ex Information

As its name suggests, Pokemon Emerald Theta ex is entirely based on Pokemon Emerald. The primary purpose of designing this game is to make the game much more challenging as well as much more fun to play.

In Pokemon Emerald, there were only 100 moves available while. Pokemon Emerald Theta Ex contains over 600 moves; the game’s exciting features will not stop here; you will be left amazed by finding that Pokemon emerald theta ex has 721 pokemon up to the 6th generation.

However, Pokemon Emerald Theta ex has no massive changes or differences from the original game(i,e. Pokemon Emerald). If you have played the original game, you will realize that the game dynamics are the same as in the original game. Pokemon emerald theta ex still needs to be endorsed or recognized by Nintendo and Pokemon. Try Pokemon This Gym OF Mine with unique storyline.

Features of Pokemon Theta Emerald EX

Features and functions of the games play a vital role in reviews of any game. Features of Pokemon Emerald Theta Ex are listed below. Go through every feature and function of the game before downloading:-

  1. 721 Pokemons

As mentioned earlier, Pokemon emerald has 100 pokemon while Pokemon emerald theta ex has 721 Pokemon, which is one of the significant differences between Pokemon emerald and Pokemon emerald theta ex itself. Each trainer in Pokemon Emerald Theta Ex can have Pokemon of a wide variety.

  1. 600+ Moves

The ROM hack version of Pokemon Emerald has more than 600 moves which is a humongous figure. All of these moves range from generation 1st to generation 6th.

  1. Physical and Special Split

In Pokemon Emerald Theta Ex, you will find an excellent physical and unique split of Pokemon, making this game more enjoyable.

  1. 100+ Abilities

In this game, the abilities that Pokemon possess are more than 100. More number of abilities means a more challenging game that will provide you with the feeling of breathtaking adventures while playing.

  1.   Pokemons OF Different Generations

In Pokemon Emerald Theta Ex, the varieties of Pokemon range from generation 1st to generation 6th. The more generation there are, the more Pokemon there are to catch, so get your Pokedex ready.

  1. Fairy-type

This game includes a new pokemon type(i,e. Fairy Type) rather than the existing ones, ensuring players’ curiosity.

  1. Increased Difficulty

The difficulty of the game is increased by making the Pokemon of the trainers much more potent than any other Pokemon of the trainers of any other game.

  1. Expanded Pokedex

You will witness an increase in the size of the Pokedex while playing the game.

  1. New Storyline

Pokemon Emerald Theta Ex contains a new storyline that makes the gameplay more adventurous yet challenging.

  1. Mega Evolution

In pokemon emerald theta ex, there is a feature available called mega evolution. With the help of this feature, players can evolve their Pokemon to their mega forms. All the mega stones are available in the game to get.

  1.  Level 250

The maximum level of the game is also increased to level 250, which ensures the longevity of the game.

  1. Battle Frontier 

The limits of the battle frontier have been revoked, as players can bring any pokemon. The trainers are also allowed to use this feature as well. So, this also contributes to the increase of the difficulty of the Pokemon theta emerald ex.

  1. New Repel System

This game has several new features that make it fun to play. A new repel system is one of them. With the help of this new feature, you won’t have to find your bag to repel; instead, the game will ask you if you want to repel or use another one.

  1. New Battle Backgrounds

Pokemon Emerald Theta Ex has new battle backgrounds which give pleasure to the eyes and give us a feeling of more updated gameplay.

  1. Experience

In this game, you can gain experience by capturing Pokemon.

  1. Level 1 eggs

You can see level 1 eggs while playing Pokemon Emerald Theta Ex.

Till now, we have talked about the features and functions of the game. Now, let us talk about some flaws of the game:-


Being an absolute masterpiece, this game still has some flaws, which we will discuss now.

  1. When any player beats the game, then on the hall of fame screen, some new type of Pokémon will show up. It is not a game’s flaw but it seems like a glitch. Still, it is a total assumption that it has to do with some limiter.
  2. While leveling up, a new Pokémon will appear, having a different color icon, only if they level up while not in battle.
  3. While choosing multiple Pokémons in a box, a new Pokémon will have a different colored icon.

Except for glitches, some other issues also persist, which are:-

  1. Lack of changes in the form of Pokémons.
  2. Lack of animation.

It’s all in the glitches section of the game.

Pokemon Theta Emerald EX Download

ROM NamePokémon Theta Emerald EX
Based OnEmerald
UpdatedFebruary 28 2017

This is a pre-patched rom so you can directly enjoy the game.



Pokemon Theta Emerald EX is a great game, and it is worth playing. A lot of players enjoyed playing this game thoroughly. The combination of all of the new attractive features with the increment in the difficulty of this game makes this game a beautiful masterpiece, a new way to experience the adventures of Pokemon Emerald Emerald.

If there were not any tiny glitches in the game, then this game would be up to a 9/10 mark or higher, but because of those minor glitches, your flow can get disrupted and spoil your gaming experience. At last, we recommend that every Pokemon fan give Pokemon Theta Emerald EX a shot. All of the game dynamics and features will amaze you. Although the game has a small amount of unpolishedness, it is still worth playing.

Source: PokeCommunity and The Internet

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