Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon GS Chronicles is another game boy advance or GBA, a RomHack version of FireRed. This game is one of the most popular and played Rom Hacks. While the Pokemon Dark Violet heavily inspires the game and has similarities, this game still has many different things you have yet to see anywhere.

Ruki developed this game, which is in English, ensuring that almost every Pokemon franchise fan can understand and play it.

Pokemon GS Chronicles Information

This game’s concepts are not limited to Pokemon dark violet or fire red. It also has different ideas taken from Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The game has almost similar graphics to Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. Along with its concepts, the game has a fabulous storyline that will blow your mind. Generation 2 games inspire Pokemon GS, Chronicles’ story, starting with Professor Elm. A red-headed guy stole a Pokemon, and you(The main character) have to follow Professor Elm’s order to find out the red-headed guy who stole the Pokemon.

The story of the game is mainly plotted in the region of Johto. Professor Elm’s lab is in the Johto region and is busy with several tasks and projects. The leading player(you) must complete the task Professor Elm gave. Professor Elm is one of the most innovative people in the game. He has made several discoveries.

While completing the task of Professor Elm by finding the redhead guy, you can also see and collect some mysterious and legendary Pokemon. That’s all in the introduction of the game now. We will discuss the features of the game. Also Try Pokemon Theta Emerald EX.


  1. Storyline

As discussed earlier, the game’s story is inspired by the Generation 2 games. Still, it has some other concepts, which makes it different from any other Generation 2 game.

You may be wondering who you are, Ethan And kris. Ethan and Kris are the two assistants of Professor Elm, and they help him in his work. While playing the game, you will be role-playing as either Ethan or Kris.

  1. Graphics OF The Game

Being a fan-made version, the graphics of the game are very pleasing. After the update, the pictures just got better. By graphics just got better, we mean the game looks like heart gold and soul silver, which is a significant achievement for the development team.

Being a remake of Firered, the graphics do not look like it, and it is unique, which is a good improvement in itself. However, there are some bugs but don’t worry, as the game is still in the development phase, the probability of fixing bugs is high.

  1. Unique Pokemon

In Pokemon GS Chronicles, there are a total of 494 Pokemons available. These 494 Pokemons are from generation 1 to generation 4.
The more Pokemon there is, the more assurance of fun. The game also contains mysterious and legendary Pokemon, so get your Pokeball and Pokedex ready for this adventure.

  1. Day And Night Cycle

The day and night system is being added in Pokemon GS Chronicles, which allows users to choose their preferred time to play the game, either night or day. Choosing daytime is quite a safer option, but if you select nighttime, you must prepare for the upcoming challenges during your expedition.

With challenges, we mean that if you are going out at night, your character will feel cold if he is not wearing warm clothes or having a lantern in his hands. Also, your character will feel hungry, and it will be difficult for you to find any food to overcome hunger. If your character feels hungry, then there is a strong probability that it will affect his health.

  1. Mega Evolution

Many of you are familiar with the term mega Evolution, but for those who are not, do not worry. We will elaborate on this for you. Mega Evolution is a new mechanic recently added to the game, allowing the player to power up their Pokemon during battle, making them stronger than before.

However, to reduce the unfair use of this feature, it has a limit: you can only use this mechanic once per battle. To activate or start mega Evolution, the trainer must have a mega stone and keystone from which the mega stone is attached to the Pokemon, and the trainer holds the keystone

  1. Difficult Battles

Battles in Pokemon GS Chronicles just got intense. As stated earlier, with the addition of the mega evolution mechanic, the trainers can use different moves and powers of the Pokemon during fights, making them more intense.

  1. Strong rivals

The rivals in Pokemon GS Chronicles are more robust than rivals in other Pokemon games. You will face three main competitors in this game, and the first is Veronica. Veronica is the female character who originated from Pokemon ruby/sapphire. You encountered Veronica on route 101 while walking near a granite cave.

The second rival is Red. Red has three Pokemon, which are Clefairy, chu-chu, and Pikachu. You have also encountered him at route 101. Now, the third one is blue. Blue is the most potent and formidable rival to fight with. He can spawn anywhere and anytime. He will fight with you for fun or a challenge. It depends on him.

To win the fight, you must defeat them several times. The specific value of defeat varies for male and female rivals. For a male opponent, you have to beat him twice the times you will defeat a female enemy.These rivals have Pokemons of level 20, so it will be challenging for you to defeat them.

  1. Pokemon Sprites

Despite great gameplay and other features, Pokemon GS Chronicles is famous for its unique sprites. Many of the sprites are different from other predecessors’ spirits. People have different opinions related to the new sprites. Some criticize these new sprites, while others think they took detailing to a new level.

  1. Fairy-type

This game includes a new Pokemon type(i,e. Fairy Type) rather than the existing ones, which ensures curiosity in the players.

  1. Time-Based Pokemons Spawning

As stated earlier, there is a day and night system in Pokemon gs chronicles; hence different types of Pokemon are visible in the daytime and night time.

Isn’t it an appealing reason to play this masterpiece?

  1. New Regions In Johto and Kanto

Earlier, we discussed the plotting of the game, mainly in Johto. In Pokemon GS Chronicles, new regions are present in Johto and Kanto City, creating curiosity in players. Some areas of these regions have puzzles to solve to move forward in this campaign.

Pokemon GS Chronicles Download

ROM NamePokémon GS Chronicles
VersionJune 20, 2021 Build
Based OnFire Red
DeveloperDr. Seuss

This is a pre-patched rom



Pokemon GS Chronicles is a great game, and it is worth playing. A lot of players enjoyed playing this game thoroughly. The combination of all of the new attractive features with the increment in the difficulty of this game makes this game a beautiful masterpiece, a new way to experience the adventures of Pokemon.

At last, we will recommend that every Pokemon fan at least try this game. All of the game dynamics and features will amaze you. Although the game has some glitches, it is still in its development phase, so it is worth playing. 

Source: PokeCommunity and The Internet

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